So I’m not usually going to be writing new posts every week, but I figured this needed it’s own post. As on Thursday, October 13, 2016, I am officially a godmother. My goddaughter’s name is Maria Belen and she is 11 years old. She has been at Hogar Maria Auxiliadora for about 10 or 11 months now, and when she first arrived the Sisters thought she was already baptized. Recently, however, they realized that she was actually not baptized, so they scheduled her baptism. After being here for a little less than a week, they asked me if I would be her godmother. Of course I said yes!


Let me just tell you a little about how incredible this girl is. She’s always there to help, especially with the little ones. She’s always happy and energetic. And three nights before her baptism, she fell out of her bunkbed, causing bleeding in her skull. She spent the next two days in the hospital, but made sure she could come home so she could get baptized. I think that’s incredible!


So on Thursday, the Sisters did her hair and got her all ready for the Mass. Then they had us volunteers split up and each take 5 or 6 girls to the church. I went in the first group with Maria Belen and a few other girls. Once we were in the trufi, I asked the girls if they knew where to get off…. They didn’t. And I had never been there before. So when they excitedly exclaimed that we needed to get off, we did and started walking. They said it would only be a few minutes. After a few minutes, they said we still had a while to go…. I started praying as we walked, and my prayers were answered! One of the other Sisters that the girls know was on her way to the church in a taxi, so they pulled over and we all piled in. (Thank goodness too cause it would’ve been another 30 minute walk at least.)


Well we finally got to the church, and Mass started. It was really beautiful. There were a few other people getting baptized and a few confirmations. I teared up at least a few times. I think it was really special for me since I was only baptized 4 and a half years ago, and Maria Belen is 11 and not a baby. I understand more of what it’s like to be baptized when you’re older. It’s a little hard right now cause I don’t have enough Spanish skills to really communicate things about theology or faith with her, but I guess that’s just one more reason to keep learning Spanish.

Please pray for Maria Belen, for her health as she recovers as well as for her faith and her future.



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